italian roadtrip, part one

village Pietrafita, our temporary home

month ago, i went to Italy. we spent more than fourteen hours on a highway. then we finaly arrived to a little vilage, called Pietrafita, in the mountins.  this very beautiful place became our temporary home. every day, we drove to nearby towns to eplore the culture.
we spent whole day in Pompei. i will make extra post with photos of this advanture.

photos of Monte Casino


fumone is very old town with a castle on a hill and rooftop garden. while we stayed there it was raining.


  1. Italy is such a charming country. I'm lucky to visit it this summer too:) beautiful pictures, can't wait to see the rest!

  2. Thanks Martina! I've already started following you on bloglovin some time ago:)

  3. Amazing views, especially 6 photo :)

  4. These are really beautiful and full of life!
    I just returned from Rome and you captured all the impressions I had of Italy in a wonderful way and this posts is really inspiring for my own post about my trip to Italy.

  5. i love the pictures a lot, such a great quality! i wanna go too


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