The only think I can do is just breathing

Once I have read in newspaper: “children on secondary grammar school shouldn’t have time for other activities . . .” but I’m pretty sure they wanted to say “. . . for other life . . .” school hardly began and I’m totally exhausted. But that’s what I suppose to do, huh? Studying late, going to bed past midnight. I’m just a child and all these tings at once are too much for me.
\school\homework\tests\marks\fail\tests\monotony\less sleep\stop!\
I hate Mondays (of course, every Monday is horrible because it’s just Monday) my school ends at 17: 10 pm and it’s so hard to concentrate on the last lesson. My favorite day is Wednesday, because it’s the only day in a week I can take photos.
There are some photos of my absolutely gorgeous best friends we took during the last warm sunset. It’s cold outside and the gypsy summer is over.


  1. lovely photos!


  2. lovely shots, love the third so much

  3. these pictures are gorgeous! and thank you so much for your nice comment :)

  4. fantastic!! i love it!
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  5. lovely photos! i especially love the one with the fabric in the air!

  6. Oow thxx love it !! <3
    I join so what you do is wonderful on you too do if you want ;) ;)

  7. Presne takýto typ fotiek milujem úprava skvelá fotky skvelé
    Musíš mi dať vedieť ja to robíš i ja chcem byť tak dobrá

  8. WONDERFUL. I love your originality. Keep it up.


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